5 Holiday Traditions for Newly Weds

By Chelsea Alaine Ferguson –

Holiday-time has a magic to it. There is an endearing feeling in the atmosphere, people are more kind and willing to give a little more, there are events with snow, lights, music and children are bursting with happiness as they anticipate the arrival of Santa. Holiday-time is also romantic. You have seen the commercials. This is the time when a lot of men lower one knee and sweep their beloved off of her feet in proposal to marriage.

My fiancé proposed last November, right before, the most wonderful season of the year, began. So for me, the holiday season has a new meaning, and will forever be even more special than before. Holiday traditions are rooted in our families, but we have begun to introduce new traditions to this special season, as we embark on starting a new family, together.

Maybe you don’t have a holiday tradition, or are looking to start a new one with your new spouse. Creating traditions with your loved one is a way to grow closer, and join in the many things you will decide and do, together. Here are 5 traditions to get you started.


  1. Collect a new ornament every year. This is one that my fiancé and I do. Yes, I have picked up ornaments from my travels, and am quick to purchase one (or many!) when I see one that would look perfect on the tree. However, my fiancé and I make it a point to pick one out together, one that symbolizes the year that will soon be behind us. We write the date on each one, to not forget once we have collected dozens!
  2. Have a Christmas movie marathon. I LOVE Christmas movies. My grandpa records them and watches them all year! When I was younger, I would do this with him. So it is a given that Christmas movies are a MUST during the holidays! In fact, the cheesier, the better. Yes, the Christmas Story will be on repeat, every-day, all day, until December 26th, but there are so many other gems in the Christmas-movie genre to choose from! (You would be surprised what Lifetime and Hallmark come out with).  Make it event. Make stove-top popcorn with your spouse, stir up hot chocolate, pull out your most fuzzy socks, and snuggle up.
  3. Pick out a real tree. I did not have a real tree until my fiancé and I started dating. He had always had one growing up, and I was elated to pick out my first one with him. Not all are the same, so we pick through the trees carefully, to choose the best one, for us. I look forward to doing this with him, every year, and taking a picture together with our prized tree outside of the farm.
  4. Bake holiday treats, then give them away. Half the fun in cookies is making them. Raw cookie dough, icing, sprinkles, all taste great on their own! And making them with your spouse is even better. Sharing kitchen time is a great way to bond with your spouse. You are working together, creating something that both can enjoy. Choose to make a new cookie (or treat) every year. Save some, then package the rest to give away to friends, neighbors, etc. The look on their face when you arrive at someone’s door step with freshly baked cookies will be enough to satisfy your stomach.
  5. Go to a production. Going to see a show during the holiday-time is a lot of fun. It’s an automatic date-night! It is an excuse to get dressed to the nines with your spouse, get dinner beforehand, and appreciate talent that delivers holiday-spirit. Check your local theater for their seasonal calendar, or even travel to a larger city nearby for a show at a performing arts center.


What traditions will you start with your spouse this year?

Chelsea Ferguson

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