A Romantic New Hampshire Getaway

By Judi Gallagher.

The Inn at Jackson

Sometimes I am too close to the simple pleasures associated with culinary travel destinations to truly see the magic in these places. Often when I get overly busy with Fall things, I fondly remember and long for a weekend getaway in a perfect little village just hours from where we used to live in Massachusetts.

It’s Jackson Village, New Hampshire. My husband and I often went there for spur-of-the-moment weekend getaways. Being in the vicinity of the White Mountains always felt calming. The village was not overly crowded and there was a true sense of small town New England in that enclave near the great snow capped peaks of Mt. Washington.

A long Thanksgiving weekend at The Inn at Jackson, is much like Thoreau might have envisioned, at least in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Thoreau was a vegetarian and wouldn’t appreciate a turkey dinner. Each tree in the village and every covered bridge speaks of beauty and peacefulness. This is a weekend retreat one never forgets. While our visits were often in November, too early for serious snow, I recall the gentle quietness of the first seasonal snow flurries while we soaked in an outdoor hot tub after a dinner of clam chowder and grape nut pudding.

The Inn at Jackson is a lovely bed and breakfast located near major ski resorts, village shopping and walking trails. Snuggle by the fireplace in your bedroom while you read the history of the Mt. Washington railroad and sip tawny port under the canopy of flowery drapes.

Known for its multi-course breakfasts with outstanding homemade scones, muffins and biscuits, The Inn at Jackson serves luscious meals such as baked apple French toast and fresh herb omelets with three cheeses. Hot mulled cider graces your table as you settle in near the fire and enjoy the postcard views of the village. Then, you’re ready for a brisk walk and morning shopping.

If you are planning a weekend getaway during the holidays, consider Thanksgiving dinner at The Wild Cat Inn. Famous for its authentic taste of New England holiday buffets, celebrating Thanksgiving at the Wild Cat Inn means a table of beautifully arranged, scrumptiously prepared traditional New England fare, from glazed ham and roasted turkey, to apple current salad with Stilton cheese with warm flaky biscuits and miniature pumpkin pies. Reserve early because vacationers from New York and Boston plan their holiday weekend travel around this amazing harvest table. Call for details and reservations at 603-383-6502.

New England autumns and winters can be unpredictable, so if there is a good snowfall during your visit, treat yourself to an old fashioned sleigh ride at the NestleNook Farm, which promises romantic sleigh rides with fur blankets to warm your body and warm apple cider to soothe your soul. It’s a New England experience to treasure. www.nestlenookinn.com

Flavors And More Magazine – October 2009

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