Dining with Doc

The Undisputed Queen of Southern Sandwiches

Deep South delicacies are closely tied to tradition and soil. Tomatoes stand almost alone as the most heralded miracle from our gardens.  Thomas Jefferson is credited as America’s first pioneer of the tomato, bringing seeds over from England for Monticello’s revolutionary gardens. Tomatoes vary in appearance and taste. Industrialized supermarket tomatoes are tasteless travesties that …

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America’s Feast

Some things are truly American. Our music-gospel, blues, country, bluegrass, rock, jazz-changed the cultural landscape. Food, American-style, is a multi-cultural, ever-evolving melting pot that welcomes new recipes while honoring tradition. It’s summertime, and outdoor celebrations dot the landscape. Few compare to Independence Day. July 4 is not only the nation’s birthday, but an occasion when …

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