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The Gourmet Highway: Those Smiling Irish Eyes

After visits to Ireland, I changed. The daily grind at home was more bearable. Reading became a preferred discipline and the live stage remains far more appealing than a movie. Those great books of literature, plays and poetry took on new prominence. Joyce, Yeats, Shaw, Wilde and Heaney became part of ordinary conversation. And, there …

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Who wouldn’t want to celebrate National Caramel day?

Jennifer Morgan – Who Wouldn’t want to Celebrate National Caramel day? It is a national holiday for my husband, (although he seems to celebrate it every day)! Clarkson Ave Caramel Salted Crumb Cake:  This cake puts a contemporary spin on an old classic by adding a gooey layer of homemade caramel – dusted lightly with …

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Plant-Based Eating…with some Flexibility

Have you been considering adopting a Plant-Based Diet? Good news…you are not alone! What is a plant-based diet? Not surprisingly, it focuses on plants, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Some people add small amounts of dairy and eggs while others adopt plant-based meals for a portion of their day or week …

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Farewell 2020

from A Kitchen Survivor.         Anticipating this final column of the year, we hope the new year brings healing and relief for so many. Social engagement, intimate dining and community enclaves gone, seemingly at once.  Oh, for that French bakery we went to every Saturday after the Farmers Market. I am all but tasting the …

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