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The “Sensory Pathway” to Winemaking in the Okanagan Valley

In our acclaimed book, Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys, we identified four main pathways to winemaking in the male-dominated world of wineries. Here we share the “personal odysseys” of lead women winemakers from the Okanagan Valley who followed one of these pathways, The Sensory Pathway—coming to love wine from aromas or from tasting wines. Located in […]

Five Homemade Ornaments to Fill Your Christmas Tree with Love

Many people will be spending more time at home this holiday season. While Christmas and the New Year make look different, family’s are looking forward to creating new traditions within their household.   A full Christmas tree can make one feel warm and cozy. A homemade ornament cannot only help fill those gaps, but it can […]

How To Transform Your Outdoor Living Area For Summer 2020

If there is one thing we will never take for granted again after being confined to our homes for months, it is the peacefulness and serenity we get from being outside.  Whether you have a deck, pool, patio or a patch of grass, all of these are considered to be a blessing during such an […]

How to Host a Brilliant Virtual Wine Soiree

I have hosted 50 virtual wine classes at this half-year mark into the pandemic.  My stamina remains strong, but who would’ve predicted that we’d still be clinking glasses against our screens at this point? We wine lovers are a resilient bunch and we remain determined to share our passion with our compatriots in this new […]

Recuse Me: Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved

 “This book will make you stand up and cheer! Rescue Me tells of rescued animal, yes– but in almost very case, it’s the animal who ends up rescuing the human. And every cent you spend on this beautiful book ends up helping unwanted animals find their forever home. Buy one for yourself and another fore […]

Cardamom and Caviar in Copenhagen

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Copenhagen, Denmark. A small country north of Germany south of Sweden, Denmark has a culture and charm all its own. I was looking forward to experiencing their restaurants as well as their culture. Scandinavian countries are not particularly well known abroad for their cuisine, so I […]

Exotic Food in Bali

Last month in April I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia, spending the majority of my time on the striking and colorful island of Bali. Everywhere you turn in Bali you see a rainbow of colors and flavors. From the fields of lush green rice paddies, the aromatic orange offerings being […]

Homegrown with Heart Column – April 2020

A good way to get kids to eat their vegetables is for the kids to grow them themselves! Getting a child’s hands into the warm earth is like playtime.  Having them watch the magical growth of placing the seed into the ground, lovingly watering it, and watching it actually form into food, makes them much […]

Homegrown with Heart: Growing Fall

Fall, fall, where are you, fall? In many areas of the country, the fall feeling is sometimes hard to come by, but if you stick to using the sight, smell, taste, and touch method, you’ll be all pumpkin spice in no time! After a hot, steamy summer, it is refreshing and relaxing to go out […]

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