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Recuse Me: Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved

 “This book will make you stand up and cheer! Rescue Me tells of rescued animal, yes– but in almost very case, it’s the animal who ends up rescuing the human. And every cent you spend on this beautiful book ends up helping unwanted animals find their forever home. Buy one for yourself and another fore …

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Exotic Food in Bali

Last month in April I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia, spending the majority of my time on the striking and colorful island of Bali. Everywhere you turn in Bali you see a rainbow of colors and flavors. From the fields of lush green rice paddies, the aromatic orange offerings being …

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Homegrown with Heart: Growing Fall

Fall, fall, where are you, fall? In many areas of the country, the fall feeling is sometimes hard to come by, but if you stick to using the sight, smell, taste, and touch method, you’ll be all pumpkin spice in no time! After a hot, steamy summer, it is refreshing and relaxing to go out …

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Homegrown with Heart Column: Morel Mushrooms

They are a delicious springtime delicacy, hiding right in plain sight, if you know where to look.  And that’s the catch….finding those glorious morel mushrooms before anyone else does. Oh, and you must keep the spot where you found them to yourself.  You don’t want a nosy Nellie getting to that sacred ground before you …

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NYC with Gals

Waking up in New York City, an energy surge runs through you. Ready to go, dressed to impress, and eager to discover what the city has in store. While NYC may be iconic due to its monuments, Times Square, and parks, it is also glittered with dining options with boasting drink menus.  A stunning architecture …

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By Chelsea Linde – Nashville, Tennessee…music city, famous hot chicken, and home of Johnny Cash. Nashville has been on my radar since I encountered Taylor Swift at the Spaghetti Warehouse, after her first album release in 2006. My family and I stopped through Nashville for 24 hours during our road trip to the North East. Since …

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Amalfi Dreams

By Chelsea Ferguson Linde – I was at my peak. I had a 60-day wedding countdown on my mind, excessive amounts of obligations tied to family and friends, the weight of a busy season at work, and the overwhelming feeling that I could not “do it all”. My solution, a well-deserved girls-getaway with my life-long …

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Flying First Class…Is It Worth It?

When did you last fly first class? Do you remember when flying was fun? Today, we live in a time of enhanced security which translates to longer lines, restrictions on carry-on items, and even the occasional pat-down at the airport.  Seriously folks, who wants to take their shoes off in public? While nothing can be …

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South Seas Island Resort

A Tropical Escape…Closer Than You May Think!   South Seas Island Resort…such an exotic sounding destination. It is indeed a tropical oasis located at the tip of a barrier island, surrounded by turquoise waters, blessed with balmy temperatures year-round, offering a variety of accommodations to suit the most discriminating traveler. All this and you don’t …

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