Five Things You Need at Home Goods For Autumn Decorating

By Patricia Donovan

Autumn is quickly approaching. For many that means your children are back in school, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are starting to change, and football season is upon us.

For others, Autumn may mean one thing: Halloween. Halloween fanatics live for this season.

Whether the change in seasons for you means getting cozy with your loved ones with a throw on the couch, cooking up your favorite fall meals or cheering for your favorite football team on Sundays, here’s five things from Home Goods that are sure to make your transition this season more festive.


Le Creuset Dutch Oven $169.99

This piece can be an absolute staple in your kitchen. Any sort of stew, chili, soup, braised meat or pasta can be made easy in your dutch oven. The normal pricing for the Signature Le Creuset Dutch Oven is $250 so finding this for so much less expensive is such a steal.

Le Creseut is known for their durability and long-lasting products. This dutch oven will heat evenly and allow you to cook either in the oven or stovetop. This pot will be perfect for cooking with the family or making a pot of chili for your favorite Sunday Night Football game. Added bonus: it comes in red.


Farmhouse Decor Pumpkin Wreath $39.99

Having a great seasonal wreath can instantly make your home feel more festive. This one is great because it will last you from the beginning of the season up until Thanksgiving. The neutral tones and pumpkins with the pine cones give you a ton of longevity in terms of being on-theme without going overboard.


Sand + Fog White Pumpkin Candle $14.99

Sand + Fog comes out with a great array of seasonal candles, this one will fill your home with autumn smells but will not overwhelm your senses. It also has an aesthetic appeal that allows you to have it burn beautifully on display anywhere in your home.


Autumn Hill Decorative Leaf Throw – 29.99

Getting cozy on the couch with friends and family and watching your favorite Halloween movies is one of the best parts of the seasons changing. This one is great not only because it is big enough to share but it will also look great draped over your couch adding the perfect amount of appeal.


Skinny Syrups Pumpkin Praline Pie $3.99

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Skip the Starbucks line this year and get this zero-calorie, zero sugar syrup to add flavor to your lattes, protein shakes or baked goods.

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