Chef Judi’s Flavors of the Month

Apple Crumb Pie at Euphemia Haye. A longtime house specialty, it is as though a Mid Western Grandma from the farm were up in the Haye Loft baking away.

Fresh Greens and herb salad with house made sorbet at Beach Bistro. Just as it is placed on the table, the sorbet begins to slightly melt, drizzling the most delicious fruity flavor on organic produce presented as a picture perfect refreshing experience.

The Brunch Burger at Knick’s Tavern. Although I could feel the cholesterol gathering around my heart, a perfectly cooked medium rare hamburger topped with melted cheddar, bacon, fried egg, lettuce tomato and sliced onion with a smear of mayo was beyond a burger experience.

An order of lasagna at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Our version of comfort food after a grueling workweek and the BEST lasagna I have tried in years. Moist and creamy with just the right mount of sauce and mozzarella cheese, I can see why people wait for an hour almost nightly to experience this classic.

-Flavors And More Magazine: July 2009

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