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The Art of Salad Cookbook

By Julie Deffense Most people know me for my exquisitely designed and personalized wedding cakes that have garnered international recognition in both Portugal and the United States. Through my artistry I celebrate the unique joy and love of each couple. My passion for cakes and baking, combined with my background in Fine Arts, has helped […]

A Chef’s Voyage

Opens on Virtual Cinema in North America on September 18Interviews available with Filmmakers & Chef David Kinch First Run Features is proud to present the release of A Chef’s Voyage, a Flapjack Production, on Virtual Cinema, opening nation-wide on September 18, 2020. The film follows Emmy (Mind of a Chef) and James Beard award-winning Chef […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Les Fa’Bulleuses de Champagne

By Lucia Albino Gilbert, PhD – Our new book, Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys, reveals the passion, courage and talent of women who are successfully making their way in the male-dominated world of wineries. As professors and lovers of wine, our goal was to make women winemakers and their contributions more visible. We interviewed dozens of trailblazing […]

2018 Wedding Cake Trends

By Julie Deffense – Life is too short to say no to cake. So what do I see as the biggest trends in wedding cakes for 2018? For me, trends in wedding cake are just that, trends. Yes, every year brings new trends, such as different color palettes and textures, or a choice between a […]

MyRedBag – Dinner Solved. Shopping Easy.

By Jon Broderick – I grew up in an Italian family that believed the experience surrounding food should be much more than the final act of eating. Deciding what to cook, everyone contributing ingredients, and the cooking itself were social experiences that brought my family and friends closer, and made the meal itself that much more […]

Soup to The Rescue

By Marsha Fottler – Cold days, frosty nights and you’ve got too much to do during this Holiday season. Preparing a delicious evening meal that will warm hearts and tummies seems like a nice but distant dream. It’s positively soup time. You can make it the night before while you’re wrapping gifts or doing laundry. […]

Five Secretly Amazing Beer Cities Around the World

Break away from the typical beer-tasting vacations and explore a world of new flavors When most people plan a “beer-cation,” certain cities and countries immediately come to mind: Munich, Germany; Brussels, Belgium and Dublin, Ireland, for example. Millions of Americans flock to these cities every year for their great beer and beer culture. And rightly so. […]

Review: The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take on Tradition by Amelia

By Abby Weingarten Think you’ve already absorbed everything there is to know about Jewish cooking? Well, even my Bubbe could learn something from this book. Amelia Saltsman’s fresh take on traditional, authentic and old-fashioned recipes brings Jewish cuisine into the modern age. As our culture moves into a locavore mindset, this book is the perfect […]

Review: Lost Recipes of Prohibition: Notes from a Bootlegger’s Manual by Matthew Rowley

By Abby Weingarten Conjuring up images of speakeasy sneak-arounds and bathtub gin, Matthew Rowley’s Lost Recipes of Prohibition is as much a cookbook as it is an indulgent secret diary. Learn how to whip up bitters, triple secs and cocktails with the ease of a backroom bartender, and feel like you’re getting away with something […]

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