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It’s a Meatball World and You’re a Citizen

By Anna Dantoni – Almost every county in the world has a meatball tradition and it seems that today everybody is eager to try meatballs from other lands. Trained cook and baker, Adeline Myers has responded to the meatball craze with a useful cookbook called Global Meatballs. Taking upwards of 100 meatball recipes from all …

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Practical and Delicious Cook-Ahead Meals Are Just a Cookbook Away

By Anna Dantoni – Ina Garten’s new cookbook Make It Ahead, is going to make you a stress-free hostess and a culinary star in your part of the world. Conversational in tone, full of useful information and packed with delicious dishes for the oven and stovetop, this book is one of the most practical you …

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Simple Meals for The Novice or Experienced Cook

By Anna Dantoni – This time of year if you can prepare something fast and it’s a delicious crowd pleaser, you want the recipe. Here’s a whole book full. The book is Easy Gourmet by Stephanie Le, a food blogger with considerable talent. Her paperback book is not really an instruction for cooking gourmet dishes. …

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Moroccan With a Twist

By Anna Dantoni – Ruth Barnes, who is known to family and fans as the Petite Gourmande because she is both, is the author of a new cookbook called Sharing Morocco, Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours. The 57-year-old is well qualified as a cook and a culinary historian for the project she set …

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When Food is Your Weight-Loss Friend

By Marsha Fottler – Mary Riche and her husband had given up on diets although over the years, this middle-aged-plus couple had tried jointly and separately to lose weight many times. They have a small library of diet books, but none of them helped in the long-term. Then last year, Mary gave up dieting forever. …

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Season

By Anna Dantoni – As the days and nights turn cooler, I think about a golden grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup for lunch. Or dinner. And, I wouldn’t be against enjoying it on a chilly Saturday morning for breakfast either. Everyone has a favorite kind of cheese, bread and spread to …

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The Pleasures of Reading a Cookbook

By Marsha Fottler – We live in an age where anybody with a computer or cell phone can access a recipe at the office while on a coffee break or during cool down at the gym, shop for ingredients on the way home and cook that new dish for dinner. Where does the traditional cookbook …

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National Sandwich Month

By Anna Dantoni – It’s the last few weeks of official summer and we’re all still in the mood for picnics by the shore, brunch in the garden, lunch on the boat, a supper of sandwiches served on paper plates with fresh-made lemonade in plastic cups. That’s why August is National Sandwich Month, a time …

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Cooking Class, a Good Investment

By Herb Gardener – Do you yearn to learn yoga or master mahjong? If so, a time-honored method for gaining new skills and knowledge is enrolling in a class. Can you watch a YouTube video for butchering a primal cut of beef – I reckon so. A class, however, promises a convivial gathering of people …

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