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Simple Meals for The Novice or Experienced Cook

By Anna Dantoni – This time of year if you can prepare something fast and it’s a delicious crowd pleaser, you want the recipe. Here’s a whole book full. The book is Easy Gourmet by Stephanie Le, a food blogger with considerable talent. Her paperback book is not really an instruction for cooking gourmet dishes. …

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Moroccan With a Twist

By Anna Dantoni – Ruth Barnes, who is known to family and fans as the Petite Gourmande because she is both, is the author of a new cookbook called Sharing Morocco, Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours. The 57-year-old is well qualified as a cook and a culinary historian for the project she set …

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When Food is Your Weight-Loss Friend

By Marsha Fottler – Mary Riche and her husband had given up on diets although over the years, this middle-aged-plus couple had tried jointly and separately to lose weight many times. They have a small library of diet books, but none of them helped in the long-term. Then last year, Mary gave up dieting forever. …

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Season

By Anna Dantoni – As the days and nights turn cooler, I think about a golden grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup for lunch. Or dinner. And, I wouldn’t be against enjoying it on a chilly Saturday morning for breakfast either. Everyone has a favorite kind of cheese, bread and spread to …

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The Pleasures of Reading a Cookbook

By Marsha Fottler – We live in an age where anybody with a computer or cell phone can access a recipe at the office while on a coffee break or during cool down at the gym, shop for ingredients on the way home and cook that new dish for dinner. Where does the traditional cookbook …

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National Sandwich Month

By Anna Dantoni – It’s the last few weeks of official summer and we’re all still in the mood for picnics by the shore, brunch in the garden, lunch on the boat, a supper of sandwiches served on paper plates with fresh-made lemonade in plastic cups. That’s why August is National Sandwich Month, a time …

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Cooking Class, a Good Investment

By Herb Gardener – Do you yearn to learn yoga or master mahjong? If so, a time-honored method for gaining new skills and knowledge is enrolling in a class. Can you watch a YouTube video for butchering a primal cut of beef – I reckon so. A class, however, promises a convivial gathering of people …

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Has Food Displaced Art as Culture?

By Herb Gardener – I was watching a children’s sleepy-time program recently with my three-year-old daughter, Fauna. A puppet asked several pre-K kids the perennial question: What do you want to be when you grow up? To my astonishment, the first girl replied, “I want to own a restaurant.” Social critic William Deresiewicz writing in …

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Spring and Summer Salads Take the Spotlight

By Chef Judi Gallagher – When I was a growing up, my mom served a salad every night with dinner. Perhaps a wedge of iceberg with homemade Russian dressing or a composed salad with spears of cucumbers and carrots slices. Or my favorite, a chopped salad of green cabbage, diced cucumbers and pickled herring. Salads …

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