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National Sandwich Month

By Anna Dantoni – It’s the last few weeks of official summer and we’re all still in the mood for picnics by the shore, brunch in the garden, lunch on the boat, a supper of sandwiches served on paper plates with fresh-made lemonade in plastic cups. That’s why August is National Sandwich Month, a time […]

Cooking Class, a Good Investment

By Herb Gardener – Do you yearn to learn yoga or master mahjong? If so, a time-honored method for gaining new skills and knowledge is enrolling in a class. Can you watch a YouTube video for butchering a primal cut of beef – I reckon so. A class, however, promises a convivial gathering of people […]

Has Food Displaced Art as Culture?

By Herb Gardener – I was watching a children’s sleepy-time program recently with my three-year-old daughter, Fauna. A puppet asked several pre-K kids the perennial question: What do you want to be when you grow up? To my astonishment, the first girl replied, “I want to own a restaurant.” Social critic William Deresiewicz writing in […]

Spring and Summer Salads Take the Spotlight

By Chef Judi Gallagher – When I was a growing up, my mom served a salad every night with dinner. Perhaps a wedge of iceberg with homemade Russian dressing or a composed salad with spears of cucumbers and carrots slices. Or my favorite, a chopped salad of green cabbage, diced cucumbers and pickled herring. Salads […]

The Season For Raw Food Recipes

By Anna Dantoni – The raw-food movement worldwide is persistent, with proponents and detractors weighing in equally about the health benefits or nutritional dangers of subsisting on a diet of uncooked foods. A raw foodist is referred to as a crudivore and some celerities who embrace and proselytize for the lifestyle include Demi Moore, the […]

Bachelor Burrito

By Alec Harding – Suppose, just for a moment, that you find yourself in the Midwest following a particularly brutal winter, confronted with the task of opening up the cabins for summer while subsisting on whatever the closest possible market has to offer. Bear in mind that you have – thanks to a deep seated […]

Stop and Smell the Roses

By Steven V. Philips – My Grandma, Bertha Nye Philips, was born in North Montpelier, Vermont in 1874. Her daddy owned (then) the oldest continuously run General Store in the USA , which kept on running into the late 1940s. So my great-grand-daddy was a Town Father. He had a marble bathtub, a red one. […]

Easy Paleo Recipes

By Anna Dantoni – The Paleo diet is a national craze with many people adopting the plan as a weight-loss regime and then staying with it as a long-term lifestyle choice. Consequently, there are lots of new cookbooks on the market that feed into the trend. The latest is The Paleo Foodie Cookbook by Arsy […]

Doughnuts are a Food-of-the-Year for 2014

By Chef Judi Gallagher – Last year I predicated the demise of the cupcake trend and the fizzle of the whoppie pie. Their moment in the culinary spotlight has come and gone. At the time I spoke about the renaissance of doughnuts. Not just any doughnuts — these were going to be both sweet and, […]

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