Food Buzz – Truffle Salt

By Marsha Fottler.

Just when you thought you were all set for gourmet salts, you’re going to want to make room for one more – truffle salt. This addition to your spice rack could become addictive because its so versatile and good tasting. It’s a blend of Italian ground truffles (up to 10%) harvested mostly from the Abruzzi area and sea salt.

Using truffle salt intensifies the taste profile of whatever you sprinkle it on and adds a chef-secret zing to a wide variety of foods. Here’s the best part, you only need a tiny bit. The forward flavor of truffle salt is earthy, nutty, musky and a bit like an extra-strong mushroom.

Sprinkle a little truffle salt on a bowl of buttered microwave popcorn for an unexpected twist that makes an ordinary snack something haute. Try it on your book club buddies and you’ll get better reviews than the book. Mix a pinch of truffle salt into olive oil when making homemade vinaigrette and use some in your favorite marinade mix.

Rain truffle salt on hot French Fries and toss for a surprisingly delicious change of pace. Mix some truffle salt with butter and smear on the top of a sizzling steak just off the grill for something suddenly gourmet. You can add truffle salt to most egg-based dishes and it’s a formidable flavor enhancer for risotto, grilled vegetables, pasta, mushrooms and most meats and chicken recipes. A small container of truffle salt makes a unique hostess gift.

The price of truffle salt ranges between $20 – $30 for about 3 ½ ounces depending on the concentration of truffle in the mix of salt. Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and Dean & DeLuca sell it as well as many boutique spice and tea establishments. And, of course, you can order it online from a variety of sources. Truffle salt is not hard to find, just hard to resist. I speak from experience.

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