Fresh Spring Flavors & Recipes

From Paulette Callendar –
Spice & Tea Exchange

Spring is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially in the culinary world. It’s time to trade in those classic winter comfort foods for some new and exciting fresh spring flavors!

At The Spice & Tea Exchange®, we experimented with many different combinations of products and flavor profiles that we felt would really accentuate the fresh ingredients used in spring recipes.

Whether you prefer your spring recipes a little HOT or refreshingly cool, the following fresh spring recipes will let you choose the flavor profile that suits you!
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Exotic, Refreshing & Crisp ~ Recipes ~ Featuring Mint

Marrakesh Mint Mojito – Marrakesh Mint Tea adds crisp and refreshing flavor to a traditional mojito. While its invigorating flavor is ideal for summer parties, this lively minty citrus blend is a great go-to cocktail for everything.

Mint Melon and Cucumber Smoothie – The popular combination of cucumber and melon is paired with Marrakesh Mint Tea for a cool and refreshing smoothie. Drink this healthy beverage to help consume extra servings of fruit and vegetables or simply to enjoy a sweet, hydrating drink.

Chilled Lemon Mint Rice Pilaf – Marrakesh Mint Tea paired with rice and other seasonings creates a zesty, minty pilaf unlike any other. Topping with vinaigrette and a sprinkling of Chile Lime Sea Salt produces a gourmet and versatile finish.

Moroccan Green Pea Bruschetta – With spicy Moroccan Spice Blend, the heated chile Chile Lime Sea Salt, minty Marrakesh Mint Tea, and bright green peas, these bite-sized appetizers make the perfect seasonal & colorful bruschetta.

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Hot, Fresh & Flavorful ~ Recipes ~ Featuring Sriracha & Habanero

Sriracha Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs – Ginger Teriyaki Spice Blend, Sriracha Sauce Powder, and Ginger Sugar give these meatballs their distinct tangy Asian flavor.  Perfect for an appetizer, a game day snack, or an easy weeknight meal!

Oven-Baked Korean Chicken Wings – Mango Habanero Sugar and Korean BBQ Rub combine to form the perfect flavorful blend of sweet and spicy. These sticky-sweet chicken wings make an excellent finger food and party dish.

Jicama Fennel and Avocado Salad – Packed with fresh ingredients, this crisp salad makes for a light spring side dish. Vinaigrette made with herbs, Mango Habanero Sugar, and Chile Lime Sea Salt is drizzled over top creating a unique spicy-cool flavor.

Tropical Glazed Carrots – Warm spices, the refreshing taste of mango, a spicy kick of habanero, and pineapple chunks make these Tropical Glazed Carrots spicy, but light. This exotic side is a great side dish for your favorite spring or summer entrée.


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