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Homegrown with Heart: Gifts from the Garden

If you are like me, I value gifts from the heart much more than random material things. I love gifts of time and experience equally well.  I bet you do, too. Here are a few ideas for crafting beautiful, heartfelt gifts this holiday season. Gifts of food are always appreciated. Homemade treats can be enjoyed …

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Homegrown with Heart Column

To me, a bright sunshine-infused lemon is much more a sign of hospitality than the traditional pineapple. How many times do folks drop by and you offer them a glass of lemonade, a lemon bar, or maybe even a slice of lemon meringue pie? Also, how cheerful is a heaping bowl of lemons on your …

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Is It Worth It? Buying Decorative Pumpkins in Early Fall

What better way to show your love of the Fall season than decorating your porch or entryway with beautiful pumpkins in varying shapes and colors? If you buy them early, the selection is better. The dark orange pumpkins are a favorite. They contrast perfectly with their albino cousins, the white pumpkin. Some people – we …

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Early Autumn Vegetables

By Lori Rodgers –   Fall is my favorite season. Anticipating the first cool morning, brewing the first pot of pumpkin spice coffee, biting into a crisp, juicy apple. What’s not to love?   In seasons past I’ve focused my culinary efforts on desserts (think pumpkin everything!) and carb-focused side dishes like corn pudding and cornbread …

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Five Things You Need at Home Goods For Autumn Decorating

By Patricia Donovan Autumn is quickly approaching. For many that means your children are back in school, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are starting to change, and football season is upon us. For others, Autumn may mean one thing: Halloween. Halloween fanatics live for this season. Whether the change in seasons for you means …

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Let the Light In

We have made it to the month of June, and the unofficial start of summer is here. Visions of cannon balls into swimming pools, collecting shells on the beach, and the end of another school year are near reality. Summer is associated with the outdoors. And why not? After long months of shoveling snow, shorter …

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Urban Chicken Farming

Keffie Lancaster – If you had told me when I was a teenager that I would have chickens running around in the backyard when I grew up, I would have laughed all the way to the grocery store. But now, as a young adult striving to make mindful, healthy decisions (for both myself and my …

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When The Living is Easy – Outside

By Steven V. Philips – On the vast Philips estate we retain a duo of lads, though not exactly dynamic, to keep our pool from trending towards swampy. Lads? It is to snicker. A retired pizza chef and faux red-neck are our pool boys. Their work ethic is, let’s say, evenly paced. Weekly, or more …

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