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Organic Stone Fruits Perfect For August

By Herb Gardener. Summertime, yes, but where temperatures soar the living isn’t easy. Flavors and More organic produce authority Mitch Blumenthal recommends a simple pleasure to beat the August heat—stone fruit. At a recent visit to his home nestled amongst fields of lemongrass, blackberries and Chinese long beans, Mitch and his family served Flora and […]

Fail-Safe Tips From The Frugal Gardener

By Steven V. Phillips. Once a upon a time when I was optimistic, innocent and had a high tolerance for pain, I was a New England gardener. If you’re one, you know the Big Rule: Do not plant until after the last frost. This means Memorial Day. Late May is usually warm but you, you […]

Kitchen On Top

By Steven V. Philips. If you’re building a second home and it’s just for you and you’re starting from bare dirt, be brave. And if you have more than a few friends you’d like to invite to visit and to entertain, be really brave. Think eating and think good times. This house doesn’t have to […]

Pot Luck: Optimizing Container Plants

By Marsha Fottler. I didn’t discover Guy Wolff. Martha Stewart did. Then she gave Oprah Winfrey some Guy Wolff pots for Christmas on television and in an instant these two cultural divas alerted the entire world to a gifted Connecticut potter who had been quietly and successfully throwing exquisite flower pots for serious gardeners since […]

Summertime and the Cooking is Easy

By Judi Gallagher. I love to cook and eat year-round, that’s no secret. But, since we’re deep in the heat of high summer, I’ve been having fun trying new recipes and paying attention to new summer food trends. My indoor kitchen and big gas cooktop have limited appeal and are on vacation this time of […]

Brothers In Botany

By Kelley Lavin. Every so often I read a book that so mesmerizes me that I stockpile copies to give to anyone who happens to ask “have you read a good book lately?” This year I undoubtedly messed up Amazon’s customer tracking strategy when I – a person who has never ordered a book about […]

Fire Up Those Grills And Get Creative With Barbecue!

By Chef Judi Gallagher. For me, there’s nothing like grilling in the summer. It is truly the American way to celebrate the Fourth of July with grilled ribs, burgers and yes, the quintessential hot dog. After all, there’s nothing that proclaims summer like barbecue sauce or a perfectly grilled steak, right? True lovers of barbecue […]

Eating On Tapas The World

By Herb Gardener. Super Bowl? Piffle. In my home, the athletic contest that draws the faithful to the flatscreen and snack trough (and drives Flora to the mall) is the World Cup final. Until a few weeks ago, Spain claimed the top spot in world rankings, and the Furia Roja remains a favorite to win […]

Breakfast For Dinner

By Marsha Fottler. The American breakfast is vastly under appreciated and not enjoyed nearly enough because of the time of day breakfast is usually prepared and served. Who has an hour or more in the morning to truly savor the meal? Recently, Chef Judi and I decided to celebrate the first meal of the day […]

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