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Daddy Design Does A Kitchen

By Steven V. Philips. The condo is in Back Bay Boston. It is a fourth floor walk-up. It is 720 square feet, a generous two-car garage size. When I first saw it, the Samagainian Army had evidently occupied it for the 20 years prior. With their livestock. Severe work was needed before the Health Department […]

The Wise Five: What Cooking Shows Taught Me

The Wise Five: What Cooking Shows Taught Me By Herb Gardener The irony hit me this morning — my profligate food programming habit began with The Frugal Gourmet. After thousands of hours hypnotized by and salivating over cooking shows (I even developed a brief crush on Claudine Pepin, daughter of Jacques, in the 1990s) what […]

Suddenly Succulents

By Marsha Fottler. Suddenly, succulents are everywhere. For years these tough and textural plants were consigned to residential patches of dessert that couldn’t support a stick. You’d see them in the Southwest as clustered borders (echeveria) and tall sculptural foundation plants (aloe, senecio, agave). In the South and Northeast hardy clumps of rubbery sedum poke […]

Recipes are on the Front Burner at Your Library

By Herb Gardener. America’s public library system — “the people’s university” — has been educating and inspiring home cooks for generations, and it is still true today. For example, under the subject heading “cookery,” my county library system catalog serves up over 900 items. Make a lunch date with the Dewey decimal system (641.5, to […]

Kitchen Herb Garden, Plan Now and Plant Soon

By Marsha Fottler. March is the month to plan the best, most convenient and most productive kitchen herb garden that any cook could covet. Sound like a springtime fantasy? It’s not only possible but proven if you follow a few easy guidelines. The first day of spring is March 20 so start choosing your candidates […]

Food Buzz – Truffle Salt

By Marsha Fottler. Just when you thought you were all set for gourmet salts, you’re going to want to make room for one more – truffle salt. This addition to your spice rack could become addictive because its so versatile and good tasting. It’s a blend of Italian ground truffles (up to 10%) harvested mostly […]

Masa, A Heavenly Gift to Cooks and Eaters

by Kelley Lavin. While on a recent trip to my home state of Arizona, I began to ponder the nature of heavenly gifts. Unlike so many travelers before me, I didn’t contemplate the famous red rocks of Sedona or the ethereal fragrance of the desert after a short winter rain. What moved me and brought […]

Blueberries to Bok Choy: An Organic Farmer Reveals His Food Passions

by Herb Gardener. Research has demonstrated that blueberries boost the immune system and fight free radicals. It took Southwest Florida farmer and organic produce entrepreneur Mitch Blumenthal to discover the fruit also has a salutary effect on dreams. “My passion for organic farming developed first as a landowner who didn’t want to use caustic chemicals […]

Kitchen Resolutions for a Fresh Start

By Marsha Fottler. Making New Year’s resolutions that pertain to your everyday working life in the kitchen is rewarding because practical and aesthetic changes in that space are easy to master and will leave you feeling empowered and happily in control of your attractive surroundings. Start today. • If you haven’t used a particular cookbook […]

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