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Holiday Hostess Gifts

By Marsha Fottler. It’s official, we’re now entering high season for holiday home entertaining. That means you need to stock up on reliable hostess gifts – those small but welcome treasures that you hand over to your hostess upon arriving for a dinner party. Three rules for selecting and giving a hostess gift: It should […]

Eat in Unexpected Places

By Marsha Fottler. A local gourmet club recently invited me to be among 40 guests who shared a six-course dinner in a fully-furnished, 6,000-square-foot model home in a luxury gated community. During the evening we wandered through the elaborately styled rooms, walked the private grounds, lingered by the moonlit pool and generally felt like we […]

Simple Syrup, Simply Essential

By Herb Gardener. I squandered my mid-twenties in Bishop, California’s high desert splendor. Located on the jagged eastern escarpment of the Sierras, Bishop was then home to a modest population of indigenous Paiute Indians, rock climbers, mountain bikers, and other radical recreators. To support a trout fishing habit I tended bar. As I memorized and […]

Making A List

By Chef Judi Gallagher – I’m a television cook, food writer, teacher and culinary traveler, But, I’m also a deft and enthusiastic shopper. At holiday time, I’m more than ready with a list of what to give to friends and family. When possible, I shop locally to support area merchants and growers and to celebrate […]

Dutch Oven, an Investment in Your Cooking Skills

By Chef Judi Gallagher – I think of Le Creuset cookware as the Mercedes of the kitchen. Some people invest in expensive cars and stereo systems, I invest in my kitchen and in great tools for cooking. One of the best recipes my mother taught me was her braised brisket. It involved a Dutch oven. […]

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