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Five Things You Need at Home Goods For Autumn Decorating

By Patricia Donovan Autumn is quickly approaching. For many that means your children are back in school, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are starting to change, and football season is upon us. For others, Autumn may mean one thing: Halloween. Halloween fanatics live for this season. Whether the change in seasons for you means […]

Let the Light In

We have made it to the month of June, and the unofficial start of summer is here. Visions of cannon balls into swimming pools, collecting shells on the beach, and the end of another school year are near reality. Summer is associated with the outdoors. And why not? After long months of shoveling snow, shorter […]

Urban Chicken Farming

Keffie Lancaster – If you had told me when I was a teenager that I would have chickens running around in the backyard when I grew up, I would have laughed all the way to the grocery store. But now, as a young adult striving to make mindful, healthy decisions (for both myself and my […]

When The Living is Easy – Outside

By Steven V. Philips – On the vast Philips estate we retain a duo of lads, though not exactly dynamic, to keep our pool from trending towards swampy. Lads? It is to snicker. A retired pizza chef and faux red-neck are our pool boys. Their work ethic is, let’s say, evenly paced. Weekly, or more […]

Is Open Shelving for Your Kitchen?

By Steven V. Philips – Open kitchen shelving keeps nagging at me from the glossy pages of design publications. What is this no-doors nonsense? No doors? Really? Just your things out there, bare-naked? This design approach used to get me talking to myself. “Do you really want to show off your chipped, mismatched collection of […]

LED for the Garden Makes a Beautiful Nightscape

By Steven V. Philips – As I may have mentioned over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time creating a landscape at my house that some of my neighbors falsely claim is an attempt to make yards in the area look like pastures. Though I am often referred to as a pain in the […]

Luxury Features for Your Kitchen

By Marsha Fottler – When today’s homeowners build new or commit to a grand renovation of a dated kitchen, they are increasingly seeking high-end luxury features to create a personal statement that merges form and function but definitely emphasizes dramatic stylistic statements. This is especially true in the open-concept kitchen that flows into other rooms […]

Trends in How We Live in Homes Today

By Steven V. Philips – In my part of the world new home construction is blooming. And booming with the 10,000 baby-boomers retiring who each day (that’s e-a-c-h) changing the way model homes and floor plans look. Boomer attitudes about easy living and their wish lists are showing up in the new housing that they’re […]

Cooking Utensils to Give and Get All Year Round

By Steven V. Philips – Here are some wonderful, well-designed cooking utensils that I found while waiting, waiting under the mistletoe at the Sur la Table store. Utensils that are easily used, easily cleaned and have eye appeal. These would be great gifts even if it wasn’t The Holidays and I wasn’t a known toy […]

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