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Two Designer Secrets to Perk Up a Room

By Jeanette Carlson – Here are two items that professional interior designers and stylists for magazine photography sessions often use to finish off a room. These two no-fail items make a room look fresh, lived-in but sophisticated and polished. And they don’t cost a lot. Usually, you can buy these two magical things in a …

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Best Tools for the Summer Gardener

By Steven V. Philips – Just when I think I’m going to cut back on the space my flower and herb gardens take up in my yard and opt for the book/hammock approach to summer, a few more great tools appear thus encouraging my addiction to nurturing growing things. Here are some of my new …

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Flower Garden Tips

By Marsha Fottler – It’s that time. Clean those garden tools and get ready to purchase, plant, weed, feed, mulch and then sit back and admire your early summer flower garden. As every gardener knows, a successful garden is an ever evolving thing of beauty and personal expression of aesthetic. A plant once installed doesn’t …

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New Kitchen Gadgets To Make Summer Foods Glamorous

By Steven V. Philips – Being a talented eater rather than a talented cook, I’m happy with the fruits, salads and sandwiches of summer because those I can assemble into what looks like a meal and tastes pretty good too. Even I can’t do much to ruin a farm-stand cucumber or heirloom tomato still warm …

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It’s All about Color

By Steven V. Philips – Here’s some background and advice about color choices for your kitchen or dining room in case your Spring cleaning energy extends to redoing the colors at home. And maybe it should. Design experts know that paint is the least expensive way to dramatically transform a space. Joseph Binney, a British …

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Time To Glow

By Marsha Fottler – An inexpensive designer secret that you can access and use right away is candlelight. When you set a table in the dining room, the lanai, the pool pavilion or even the kitchen banquette, you will want to finish off the special effects with candlelight. Actually, it’s the only special effect you’ll …

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Stop and Smell the Roses

By Steven V. Philips – My Grandma, Bertha Nye Philips, was born in North Montpelier, Vermont in 1874. Her daddy owned (then) the oldest continuously run General Store in the USA , which kept on running into the late 1940s. So my great-grand-daddy was a Town Father. He had a marble bathtub, a red one. …

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Kitchen Plumbing, Part II

By Steven V. Philips – Last month I revealed how well our daughter had married. Remember in the old days, when your child married a lawyer, mom and dad thought ”L-o-t-t-e-r-y”?  Even better, our child’s father-in-law is Ron, a plumber. Talk about hitting the jackpot. In February I listed my daughter’s many plumb-lucky plumbing gifts …

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Kitchen Sink Advice From the Plumber King

By Steven V. Philips – Our kids married well. I’d say this to guarantee their future visits to me at the Home even if not true, but they really did. Our designer son has a wife who is his lethal sales manager and a fantastic Vietnamese cook. Our daughter’s husband fosters her belief that she’s …

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