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Stop and Smell the Roses

By Steven V. Philips – My Grandma, Bertha Nye Philips, was born in North Montpelier, Vermont in 1874. Her daddy owned (then) the oldest continuously run General Store in the USA , which kept on running into the late 1940s. So my great-grand-daddy was a Town Father. He had a marble bathtub, a red one. […]

Kitchen Plumbing, Part II

By Steven V. Philips – Last month I revealed how well our daughter had married. Remember in the old days, when your child married a lawyer, mom and dad thought ”L-o-t-t-e-r-y”?  Even better, our child’s father-in-law is Ron, a plumber. Talk about hitting the jackpot. In February I listed my daughter’s many plumb-lucky plumbing gifts […]

Kitchen Sink Advice From the Plumber King

By Steven V. Philips – Our kids married well. I’d say this to guarantee their future visits to me at the Home even if not true, but they really did. Our designer son has a wife who is his lethal sales manager and a fantastic Vietnamese cook. Our daughter’s husband fosters her belief that she’s […]

Best Kitchen Trends for 2014

By Marsha Fottler – Next to the master bedroom, the kitchen is the largest room in the average size American home, coming in at 300 square feet in a 2,500-square foot new home. The kitchen – unquestionably the most important gathering place in the home – takes up about 11 percent of the space in […]

Best Kitchen Tools for 2014

By Steven V. Philips – As you may have noticed, I am surrounded by Real Food People. Here and at home. So it’s very risky (ok, stupid) to be offering my  so-called wisdom about food preparation tools as I hold only a beginner’s permit, which limits me to cleaning them. But, in an attempt to […]

December Dreaming About the Yard Tools of Spring

By Steven V. Philips – As a child, of a cloistered life, I was always kept away from tools. Once uncaged, I became a toolaholic, purchasing any and many things to help Mrs. Philips in her yard work. So northern folk in Otis, while your garden lies dead and barren, I’m warning you. All of […]

Ingredients for Delicious Kitchen and Dining Decor

By Anna Dantoni – Tonya Olsen is a design professional who approaches room decor as if she were a home cook preparing a meal. She assembles the ingredients, starts stirring the pot and later presents the delicious dish in an enticing fashion with garnish. Voila, good taste! Over the years she’s been so successful with […]

The Case for Induction – Cooking, Not the Army

By Steven V. Philips – Advanced studies indicate that if you ever, ever will use your range to cook Holiday meals, instead of using the phone for reservations, it’ll be this month and next. Thus, as another F&M Educational Service, here’s the history of cooking from caveman to Bobby Flay. First it was lightning hitting […]

Kitchen Trends – Don’t Renovate Until You Read This

By Steven V. Philips – When both of my friends asked me what are the great kitchen trends in America right now, I got positively woozie from the stress of being a expert. It soon passed. Here’s what I know: Despite the fact that nationwide the square footage of homes is decreasing, the kitchen continues […]

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