How To Transform Your Outdoor Living Area For Summer 2020

If there is one thing we will never take for granted again after being confined to our homes for months, it is the peacefulness and serenity we get from being outside. 

Whether you have a deck, pool, patio or a patch of grass, all of these are considered to be a blessing during such an uncertain time. What may have not seemed to be much before, is now something we can all appreciate. Here are some ways to transform your outdoor area for the summer. 

Let’s begin with furniture. For me, it is especially important for my furniture to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Having the right furniture outside means that it will have a level of comfortability, as well as easy to clean. Living in Florida during the summer months means two things: rain and humidity. With these two seasonal factors, I prefer items I can clean if the weather is good enough to enjoy at the drop of a hat. 

A big trend that we are seeing with patio and outdoor furniture is neutral colors and wood framing. Clean whites, grays and black are becoming more and more popular in furniture, which allows you to play with pops of color when moving on to outdoor decor. But I will get to that later. 

Target, a tried and true friend of many women across the country, has some noteworthy outdoor furniture that has a price point and style to fit almost everyone’s needs. It also has very trendy items, some that may remind you of a fabulous resort in the south of France. 

While Target isn’t necessarily known for their low prices, there is a level of quality that can be assured when purchasing from them. Browsing in the stores and online, you can see a wide range of wooden furniture with white cushioning. This style gives you a level of comfort while still being stylish and on trend. 

Other great places to find affordable outside furniture are Amazon, World Market, Wayfair, Walmart and Lowes. 

While there are many that are blessed with lush scenery, there are also those living in an urban jungle that must recreate the feeling of being surrounded with greenery. While I myself, do not have a green thumb, there are many out there that do, and can use their abilities to design an outside space that would make you feel like you are miles away from home. 

Incorporating potted plants, real or fake, can instantly change the feel of your outdoor space. This is where pops of color come into play. Whether you prefer colorful plants and flowers or using bright pots, this is a way to create a space that is really catered to your taste. 

Adding an umbrella can make a statement and also be incredibly functional, as well. Many outdoor sets you find can include an umbrella to help keep you comfortable and shaded in those scorching hot summer months. Some beautiful trendsetting umbrellas I’ve seen can have stripes or fringe, many coming in colors as well. 

A rug will help grow your space and create an “outdoor room”. Adding an outdoor rug underneath your seating area or dining area can make it feel like you are instantly at home in your own little outdoor nook. 

Lighting is also a great way to express your personality outside. Whether your taste is more string lights or chandelier, there are plenty of options. This could also mean highlighting aspects of your landscaping with lighting. Showcasing a pathway with solar lights is a cost efficient way of creating a comfortable space during the nighttime. 

One of my favorite additions to my yard that I’ve bought recently is a hammock. Although the heat is starting to become uncomfortable down here in Florida, you can be assured that I am taking advantage of any nice day to lay on my hammock, be outside and enjoy a book. This has been an absolute game changer for me. 

No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, there are endless possibilities to make it an extension of your home. As the weather continues to get better, you’ll thank yourself later for making all of your outdoor dreams come true. 

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