Indulging in Chocolate on Valentine’s Day – Is it Worth It?

Flowers and chocolates are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, symbolizing love and affection. But flowers won’t cause you to gain weight or break out, even if you eat them! Is chocolate truly unhealthy? Let’s take a closer look. 


Myth or Fact: Chocolate can help with weight loss.

Fact! Of course, quantity is a huge factor. But I was surprised to find research that shows chocolate can help you LOSE weight! The flavonoids in dark chocolate can help reduce insulin resistance. That prevents blood sugar spikes which in turn discourages you from overeating! And believe it or not, a study showed that smelling chocolate instead of eating it can also curb your appetite!


Myth or Fact. Chocolate can cause accelerated heart rate, anxiety, heartburn and headaches.

Fact!  Chocolate contains caffeine. If you have sensitivities, any of the above are possible side effects.


Myth or Fact: Eating chocolate causes acne.

Myth!  There is no evidence of a correlation between consumption of chocolate and skin breakouts. In fact, chocolate is good for your skin. The antioxidants in cocoa’s flavonoids protect our body’s cells from free radicals. Research also shows that flavonoids absorb UV light, improve blood flow, increase hydration and improve skin texture. Hmmm…Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time for a chocolate facial!


Myth or Fact: Chocolate is good for your brain.

Fact! Good news! A recent study by Italian scientists revealed an improvement in cognition, processing speed, attention and working memory. Flavonols, a component in all chocolate, is responsible for this desirable outcome. And guess what? Eating chocolate every day leads to long term improvement in all the above. Dark chocolate is higher in flavonols, so for best results rely on the higher cocoa content varieties.


Science trumps myth. Yes! It is Worth It!  Enjoy a sweet treat or two this Valentine’s Day. Just remember, darker is better and moderation is key.

Lori Rodgers – Lori’s passion for food and fine dining began at an early age. She started reading Gourmet at 8, and was fortunate to have a father who included her in his travels to cites across the US, often frequenting restaurants she had read about in the magazine. After studying hotel and restaurant management at FSU for two years and thoroughly enjoying the summer program in Switzerland, she graduated with a degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish. Lori owned and operated the family business, Bert Rodgers Schools of Real Estate for 25 years, indulging her cooking hobby by whipping up meals for family and friends on the weekends. She has two teenagers who have adopted a vegan lifestyle, adding a new challenge to Lori’s cooking repertoire. Lori recently sold the business and is embarking on a new chapter and new career, returning to her true calling, cooking and exploring the multifaceted world of food!
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