Lobster with Foie Gras and Truffle (La Truffière)

Lobster with foie gras and truffle - La Truffière

For one person

Ingredients for the ravioli:

200g of flour

1 egg yolk

10g olive oil

(Makes 4 ravioli)


Ingredients for the lobster:

Half of a lobster

100g of foie gras

5g of truffle

10cl of orange juice

3 celery roots (celeriac)




Prepare 4 ravioli pasta sheets from the flour, egg yolk, and olive oil; set aside a little of the egg yolk to seal the ravioli.

Add foie gras and truffle to the ravioli; seal them with egg yolk.

Cook the lobster four minutes in a casserole; shell it, and then set it aside. Reserve the hot liquid.

Plunge the ravioli into the hot lobster bouillon. After the ravioli float to the surface, let them remain in the bouillon for one minute.

Coarsely cut one of the celery roots; cook it in 1 liter of milk for 20 minutes, then blend.

Finely chop a second celery root.  Take the meat from the knuckle of the lobster and chop it.  Mix the lobster, celery root, and orange juice and cook in butter.

Using a slicer, thinly slice the third celery root.  Cut the slices into triangles.

To make the sauce, blend foie gras with water.



To assemble, put some of the celery-root purée in the center of the dish.  Shape the lobster and celery root mixture into three balls, place them around the purée, and place a triangle of celery root on top of each ball.  Place a ravioli on the celery-root purée and top it with lobster meat.

Serve the remaining sauce alongside.


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