New Kitchen Gadgets To Make Summer Foods Glamorous

By Steven V. Philips –

Cucumber Curls

Being a talented eater rather than a talented cook, I’m happy with the fruits, salads and sandwiches of summer because those I can assemble into what looks like a meal and tastes pretty good too. Even I can’t do much to ruin a farm-stand cucumber or heirloom tomato still warm from the vine in the garden. But, I can make them look like a three-star Michelin chef got to them first turning mere slices into architectural curls and constructions that look more haute than the usual produce residing in the Philips kitchen. I love kitchen tools and gadgets because they make me appear to be a serious foodie and a confident presentation artist.

The new tools I bring to you today are genius. They will make you a serious food contender, even if your kid wrecked the food processor with Playdoh. With a giant pencil sharpener, you, yes you yourself, can convert carrots into art forms that will make adults agog. And possibly attractive enough for kids to eat them. And then there’s the cucumber magician. From Amini Causa  on-line. Every household should have one.

Julienne, like magic.

Next comes the Spirelli Spiral Slicer from the Touchofmodern Web site in their collection from the German company Gefu. They know how to make sharp edges. You can become a julienne-ing fool. I could become a julienne-ing fool. ‘Nuf said.

Also here is a timer description verbatim, also from Touchofmodern Web site: The Paradox Techno Timer helps you get right down to it — whatever “it” is. “Thanks to the paradoxical flow of the sand within, (which flows from bottom to top – miracle?), it’s a meditative accessory that allows you up to 40 minutes of time (to study toast crumbs or to time a project). Choose your favorite color to keep an eye on and start appreciating every second that slips upward and away.” More pragmatically there are several other designs/colors available for shorter timings.

Junesharp carrot
Carrot spiral

And finally, while not exactly a utensil, here’s a very clever kitchen detail from the Rev-a-shelf company. Remember that lovely moment that has occurred to all of us at least once, which is liquid(s) under the sink. Maybe one of the kids dumped over the detergent bottle and you find the detergent puddle tomorrow. Maybe. Worse is the insidious pipe leak (drip-drip-drip) that usually doesn’t show until terminal mold starts to flourish. Ta-da, here’s an under-the-sink drip pan that’s resistant to everything but dynamite and fits most cabinets. And it’s cleverly sloped to cause the liquid to drip out at the front.

It’s no wonder I love kitchen tools and gadgets. Personally, I’m working on some kind of flexible mold that when filled with store-bought cottage cheese and then unmolded, will create a cloud-like structure of ultimate temptation.  A gadget to make cottage cheese resemble Nirvana on the plate. Now that’s a utensil worth inventing. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “New Kitchen Gadgets To Make Summer Foods Glamorous”

  1. Did I detect a small brain fart? It seemed to me that Mr. Philips was a little off balance with this article. Not quite his jocular self. I have come to appreciate his surly candor, so possibly he has been rolling in some catnip or some other weed.

    Hopefully, next month, he will resume his wacky critiques.

  2. I on the other hand loved this article. I am going to definitely purchase the cucumber curl and carrot “stripper”. Mr. P’s tips are always good, but this is the first time I can actually relate.
    Thanks Mr. P

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