Pink Ribbon Month

By Marsha Fottler and Judi Gallagher.

This is the 25th year that America has officially observed Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October. Nationwide, the next few weeks are filled with events both expansive and intimate but all geared to heighten our knowledge of breast cancer prevention and treatment, and to raise money for breast cancer research, patient care and public education.

It doesn’t matter what you do to participate this month, but do something. The fight belongs to all of us and everyday breast cancer strikes a friend or a loved one of someone we know. Sometimes it’s us.

Nationally, Saks Fifth Avenue is organizing shopping parties (Shop For The Cure) with some of  the proceeds going to cancer causes. There’s a nifty pink and white t-shirt designed by famed Michael Kors just for the occasion. The Susan B. Komen Foundation is sponsoring group walks in most cities. Restaurants are offering special menus so that patrons try new dishes and help support cancer initiatives when it comes time to pay the bill. Department stores and specialty boutiques are marketing pink-ribbon products and part of the price is donated to local or national cancer societies.

In a small community in southwest Florida, the owner of highly regarded pocket restaurant called Bonni Bakes has organized an art project. She asked local artists to stage an “Artsy Undies” show at her restaurant this month. Artists decorated bras and panties. People coming to see the unusual lingerie show pay $15, sample menu items, see the display, socialize with friends and are assured that 100 percent of the admission fee goes directly to the American Cancer Society. As we said, it doesn’t matter what you do to help this month, just do something.

Flavors And More Magazine – October 2009

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