Recipes from the Heart

From Doc Lawrence

Our own Doc Lawrence shares his favorite recipes.
"Every recipe has a story. Many are priceless memories. They connect us like music and great literature."

Recipes From The Heart XXXV

We’ve combined some Old World standards with two American classics. Paella becomes a big hit on the Thanksgiving dinner table and this recipe is from the writings of Ernest Hemingway. Oyster dressing was a tradition during my baby days in Atlanta and the holidays would seem empty to me without it. Pecan Pie from that …

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Recipes From The Heart XXXIV

We began this series just before St. Patrick’s Day, inspired by the suspicion that we were entering a period of crisis and danger, believing that regular sharing of food and dining ideas would serve as a balm of sorts. During isolation and fear, we’ve become wiser and stronger. Nothing is taken for granted. Happiness is …

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Recipes From The Heart-XXXIV

Holiday decorations are already out and that’s a good thing. Every bit of extra cheer is welcome. These recipes and wines are precursors for the joys of those special moments on the way. Manhattan Clam Chowder Edie Markoff Ingredients: 1/4 cup finely chopped bacon or salt pork1 small onion, finely chopped (1/4 cup)2 cans (6.5 …

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Recipes From The Heart XXXIII

Many week’s back, we talked about the art of enjoyment under strained circumstances. Food and wine, from purchase to preparation, presentation and serving has continued to brighten our spirits and strengthen our joie de vivres. Baba Ganoush Ingredients: 2 medium eggplant¼ cup tahini3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, more for serving2 garlic …

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Recipes From The Heart XXXII

These mid-autumn days welcome dishes that begin to tease the palate for the great gatherings on the horizon. Featured is a treasure from the immortal Julia Child who brought joy to our dinner table and showed us that cooking also provided some entertaining television shows. While we still abide by health and safety measures, our …

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Recipes From The Heart XXXI

Family food traditions resonate during any season, but perhaps more now as we adjust our lives to deal with challenges. I thought a visit to my North Carolina heritage would bring some of the joys of homecoming. One of my direct ancestors, Colonel Benjamin Cleveland defeated the Bloody British at the Battle of King’s Mountain. …

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Recipes From The Heart XXX

It’s beginning to feel more like autumn and these recipes provide a bridge into the excitement of this gentle season from the heat of late summer. These are coastal dishes and you’ll enjoy the exciting inclusion of Carolina Gold Rice from Anson Mills. Steinhatchee Seared Scallops Ingredients: 1 1/4 lb sea scallops side muscle removed1 …

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Recipes From The Heart XXIX

Staying true to our desire to inspire and elevate safe home entertaining, a/k/a backyard tailgating, we are showcasing some favorite recipes from Tennessee and Georgia. Yes, two college teams representing each state are playing in an important game, but we can really have lots of fun with food and drinks in the comforts of home. …

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Recipes From The Heart XXVIII

My favorite season. Moderation is the norm and we are able to enjoy the fruits from nature even in uncertain times. There are so many pleasant diversions now, particularly football. Television brings the games to the safe place of homes and tailgating is forever our celebration of things wonderful. These recipes and wines have built-in …

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