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Vegan Lentil Loaf

This is a delicious and nutritious main dish. If you are hosting a family event or holiday meal and some of your guest are vegan or vegetarian, they will give you raves!   1 ½ cups lentils 3 ½ cups water or vegetable broth 1 sweet onion, diced 1 cup portobella mushrooms, finely chopped 2 […]

Mother’s Day Brunch Goes Vegan

What do moms want most on Mother’s Day? Speaking from experience, I think most of us would agree that a day filled with relaxation and family tops the list. And of course, we want to enjoy delicious food that someone else prepares. If your mother follows a vegan lifestyle, consider treating her to a delicious […]

Is It Worth It? Juicing Your Own or Hitting the Juice Bar

Fresh pressed juice is tasty and nutrient packed. Juice bars seem to be popping up on every corner, not to mention the in-store mini juice bars found in health-food oriented grocery stores. Recently I decided to buy juice while doing my weekly grocery shopping. I was tired, had skipped lunch and needed a shot of […]

Vegan Cheese? Yes, Please!

Violate Just like Parmesan wedge cheese. My youngest son calls this the “yum yum” cheese. Grates perfectly, tastes as good as— if not better than—dairy based parmesan. I am excited to share a few of my favorite vegan cheeses with our Flavors and More readers. You don’t have to be vegan to sample these delicious […]

Minestrone Soup in the Instant (Not!) Pot

I don’t tend to hop on every trendy new kitchen appliance or gadget the moment it hits the shelves…virtual or brick and mortar. So, I took my time before leaping into the Instant Pot craze. An amazing sale on Amazon Prime Day tipped the scales. A few days after the box arrived, I unpacked my […]

Festive Holiday Prosecco Punch

Feeling Festive? That seems to be going around! Between episodes of Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, Christmas Cookie Challenge, and (my guilty pleasure) Chopped, I was inspired to come up with an easy, yet elegant cocktail for the holiday season. Coincidentally, my stepmom mentioned she would like to serve a pre-dinner champagne cocktail at our upcoming Christmas […]

Delicious stews and rich soup recipes

By Lori Rodgers – Soup’s On! There’s nothing like a steaming, fragrant bowl of soup or stew to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. A hot meal is so satisfying, and the potential combinations of flavors and textures is virtually endless. Pureed butternut squash, hearty beef stew accented by generously sliced potatoes and […]

Early Autumn Vegetables

By Lori Rodgers –   Fall is my favorite season. Anticipating the first cool morning, brewing the first pot of pumpkin spice coffee, biting into a crisp, juicy apple. What’s not to love?   In seasons past I’ve focused my culinary efforts on desserts (think pumpkin everything!) and carb-focused side dishes like corn pudding and cornbread […]

Fall Flavors, Pumpkins & All Things Autumn

By Lori Davis – Grandma Hatfield’s Southern Apple Pie Nothing says Fall season like a good old fashioned -apple picking – flaky crust – smell of cinnamon Apple Pie! My grandmother’s recipe was always a secret and blue ribbon, for when she passed from this earth she left me one of my most treasured items. A […]

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