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Delicious stews and rich soup recipes

By Lori Rodgers – Soup’s On! There’s nothing like a steaming, fragrant bowl of soup or stew to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. A hot meal is so satisfying, and the potential combinations of flavors and textures is virtually endless. Pureed butternut squash, hearty beef stew accented by generously sliced potatoes and …

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Early Autumn Vegetables

By Lori Rodgers –   Fall is my favorite season. Anticipating the first cool morning, brewing the first pot of pumpkin spice coffee, biting into a crisp, juicy apple. What’s not to love?   In seasons past I’ve focused my culinary efforts on desserts (think pumpkin everything!) and carb-focused side dishes like corn pudding and cornbread …

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Fall Flavors, Pumpkins & All Things Autumn

By Lori Davis – Grandma Hatfield’s Southern Apple Pie Nothing says Fall season like a good old fashioned -apple picking – flaky crust – smell of cinnamon Apple Pie! My grandmother’s recipe was always a secret and blue ribbon, for when she passed from this earth she left me one of my most treasured items. A …

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Why Vegan – Part 1

By Lori Rodgers – I learned early on not to ask this question of my two teenagers. It happened the summer of 2016. My two teens and I were sitting down to dinner at an upscale Mexican restaurant in Vegas after three days of outdoors adventure in Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. We …

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Why Vegan – Part 2, White Bean and Potato Soup

By Lori Rodgers – This hearty soup has quickly become a family favorite. It is satisfying and packed with plant-based protein. One of my biggest concerns when my children chose a Vegan lifestyle was ensuring they would get the nutrition that is so important during the teenage years. After researching and discussing the plant-based diet …

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Favorite Springtime Meals

By Lori Rodgers – Vegan spinach lasagna Garlic bread Green salad with vinaigrette   Vegan Spinach Lasagna  My family  recently moved into a home I remodeled and not all of the work was completed by moving day. Shocking, right? Wanting to cook a hot meal without the ability to boil water, I found no-boil lasagna noodles …

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Favorite Springtime Meals (Continued)

By Lori Rodgers – Southern Springtime Supper When I contemplated favorite springtime meals, I remembered being about 12 years old watching my mom stand at the stove, scraping corn on the cob into a pan that was simmering with the fragrant milky goodness of freshly picked corn. That’s what I love about food…it brings us …

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Tropical Strawberry Salad

By Lori Rodgers – Serves 4-6 Southwest Florida is a food lover’s paradise. In the springtime, it seems to me our tropical surroundings are even more vibrant. The sky is bluer, the palm fronds greener…and I begin to daydream about escaping to a desert island. Once I arrive I’ll be hungry and what better treat …

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Quintessential Quinoa Salad

By Lori Rodgers – Springtime is upon us and it’s a perfect time to enjoy some tasty salads. I have so many favorites it was difficult to choose just three. I decided upon a selection of savory, crunchy and fruity. First up is a longtime staple for my family, savory quinoa salad.  If you are not …

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