Recuse Me: Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved

 “This book will make you stand up and cheer! Rescue Me tells of rescued animal, yes– but in almost very case, it’s the animal who ends up rescuing the human. And every cent you spend on this beautiful book ends up helping unwanted animals find their forever home. Buy one for yourself and another fore a friend!”

­­–– Sy Montgomery, NYT writer and bestselling author of The Good Pig

Animals have always been my passion and, like many, I have given to numerous shelters and rescue organizations over the years as well as having adopted a number of cats. I love dogs but my job involves a lot of traveling and that made it difficult to care for a dog.

As the years went by I had a constant need to do more. To truly stand up for a cause I am passionate about, and do something meaningful to help no-kill shelters and rescuers and, at the same time, focus on the values of adopting a pet. My goal was, and still is, to contribute by raising money and sharing it with those who give so much to so many helpless and voiceless animals. So much is needed on so many levels!

Being involved in publishing, as an author and a magazine editor, the most logical thing for me was to produce a book myself and donate 100% of the   proceeds to shelters and rescues nationwide. So RESCUE ME: Love Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved, became my passion project.

Of all the work I have done over the years none has ever been more rewarding and satisfying than Rescue Me.

My dream was to inspire more adoptions. My wish was to promote animal welfare. My hope was to raise funds for no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. All these criteria were met thanks to the countless animal lovers who bought the book on Amazon.

These lovely people also let me know of shelters in their areas plus I found many via FB and by researching states and cities. There is still many more who need help. You can still purchase the book on Amazon (though the stock is getting very low) and contribute to this most worthy cause ($35


I am proud do say that though I produced the book out of my own pocket I have NOT taken one penny from the sales. As of today, so far, I have been able to donate all the proceeds ($30,000) to 200+ shelters and rescues nationwide. I didn’t make any money yet I am so much richer for it!!

Fifi O’Neill – Contributing Writer | Fifi O’Neill is an editor, producer, and an interior photo stylist who has produced features for numerous national and international magazines. Fifi’s passion for animals, especially those abandoned, abused, and in need of a caring home compelled her to produce RESCUE ME: Love Stories of Humans and the Animals they Saved. Though she financed the book herself she is giving 100% of the proceeds to animal shelters and rescues. To date, thanks to the sales, she has been able to provide funding to over 200 shelters and rescues.
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