Spring Cleaning for Your Body

By Nanci Theoret –

Dr Oz Think of your body as that cluttered closet: Full of stuff you don’t need and due for a good spring cleaning. Cleansing diets, particularly juice and liquid plans, continue to grow in popularity with their claims to detox the body, remove toxins and improve complexion and skin health.

But not all liquid diets are alike nor should any be followed longer than a few days without medical supervision. Most lack the muscle-and-tissue-preserving and building amino acids that come from protein (unless your juicer or blender can handle a lean chicken breast or New York strip). Some are so calorie restricted (800 a day or less), any weight loss is usually temporary. Although there are many naysayers among the bona-fide medical community that pooh-pooh the idea the body – a sophisticated and finely tuned machine designed to remove toxins through the liver, kidneys and sweat – needs cleansing, at the very least a vegetable and fruit-forward liquid diet is a jump start for eating better and getting the Liquid-Dietdaily five cups of fruits and veggies the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says most Americans are woefully lacking.

But there’s no need to head to the health food store for special supplies to to enroll in that expensive physician-based medical program or to buy out the protein shake shelf. You can do this from the local grocery store.

One of the best liquid diets we’ve found is (drum roll, please) by Dr. Oz, the guru of all things healthy. Combined with multi-vitamin, Omega 3 and probiotic supplements, the good doctor has formulated a three-day cleansing plan that combines all that antioxidants and nutrient-rich free-radical-fighting super food research we’ve been reading about for ages into an easy-to-follow four-drink-a-day diet. You’ll find most of the ingredients (such as kale, berries, almonds and flax seed) at your grocery story or farmers market. Because it’s all natural and fresh-focused (frozen fruits are also good), plan on spending about $16 a day for your body Spring cleaning.

ProNutrProductThe one-page printable PDF at  http://s.doctoroz.com/sites/default/files/dm_uploads/4_055_3DayDetox.pdf provides the drink plan and a shopping list. Sadly, there’s no heart-healthy red wine but the menu does include a nightly Epsom salt and lavender oil “detox” bath.

The Dr. Oz cleanse includes foods that help cleanse the body and the blood – those with antioxidant and anti-toxin properties, plus vitamins A, B and C and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and fiber. Among them: citrus fruits (lemons rank at the top), pectin and fruit (apple, bananas, mango and pineapple), nuts, green leafy vegetables (including the trifecta: kale, broccoli and spinach). You know you’ve been wanting to Spring clean your house and since your body is your temple, get busy.


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  1. Cleansing is very important because we are living in a highly polluted environment and it is not an easy task to protect our self from harmful gases, chemicals, pesticides, etc. We are accumulating toxins in our body and removal of toxins is highly required. There are several methods of eliminating toxins and I like juice cleanse detox method most. Its a natural method and very effective in keeping our overall health and fitness.

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