Travel Confidently When You Pack This Book

By Anna Dantoni –

eatoutThis is the month for firming up those summer travel plans with hotel, flight and cruise ship reservations, a draft itinerary, and a list of those famous restaurants you want to try during your adventures. There’s a book that should be tucked into your carry-on luggage. It’s a paperback with a long title, Let’s Eat Out with Celiac/Coeliac & Food Allergies! and its a reference for special diets that will make your vacationing days and nights trouble free.

Written by Kim Koeller and Robert LaFrance (R&R Publishing, $26.95), the aim of the book is to help people with severe allergies negotiate the world of travel, restaurants and supermarket shopping in  places out of your comfort zone. Some of the chapter headings include: Worldwide Product Labeling Regulations, Restaurant Approach to Handling Special Dietary Requests, Collaborative Process of Eating Out, On-The-Road Snacking, Hotel Checklist, Airline Checklists, and International Travel Tips.

In the appendix you’ll find advice on mobile aps from Let’s Eat Out! and online educational resources as well as content for e-Reading Devices. The book also has chapters devoted to specific ethnic cuisines such as How to Eat Out Thai or How To Eat Out Mexican or How To Eat Out French. Pick and choose the chapters that most urgently pertain to your situation or read the whole book for a general overview of how to get the most out of travel and vacations while staying healthy and adhering to your special diet.


Whether you’re traveling in-country, abroad and enjoying a staycation and exploring new restaurants in your home town, this book could be a valuable resource and guide to enjoying good times and the pleasures of the table while embracing your allergy restrictions.


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