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Glorious Gazpacho

By Herb Gardener – Botanically a fruit, but treated as a vegetable, born in the Americas but educated in Europe, the fresh tomato’s story is seldom told in the cold. As the days warm and lengthen, however, its true virtues are revealed in a soup that is the essence of seasonal enjoyment. Gazpacho is a …

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What’s in Your Basket? – Spying at Trader Joe’s

By Kate Bennett – Well, perhaps “spying ” is too strong a word; but, I was curious. After every trip to Trader Joe’s, no matter my intentions, I always come home with the same things. As coveted as my little cache of items might be, one can’t help wondering: What about those hundreds of other …

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10 Foods For Me and Thee in 2014

By Chef Judi Gallagher – There are a few foods that I started eating about a year ago in restaurants or at a friend’s home or sometimes because I brought them home to cook. In my job, I taste and evaluate foods all day long, but there are always some that become personal favorites. Here …

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Mantras For A Better You in 2014

By Marsha Fottler – Mantras are a good thing. Essentially, they are little words or phrases usually associated with meditation. The sound of a mantra repeated many times in the right setting along with rhythmic breathing empties the mind to allow insight, awareness and serenity to take up the cleared space. Mantras can also be …

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Time to Make Chili

By Herb Gardener – Long before iron chefs crossed tongs, Americans competed over chili. In many communities the chili cook-off remains a popular public spectacle and “stir for the cure” fundraiser. Almost everyone has an opinion about what constitutes a good and proper bowl. We can’t even agree if beans should have a path to …

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Best Diet Tips for 2013

By Anna Dantoni – Yes, you’ve seen these nuggets of advice in print before, but maybe this is the year you take action and substitute progress for good intentions. Americans in unprecedented numbers are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, back problems and other medical issues that could be ameliorated by simply losing weight. The experts …

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Holiday Dieting

By Nanci Theoret – Ah the holidays… the twinkling lights, the fruitcake, the food. The cha-ching of the calorie counter. For food lovers, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are the ultimate diet-buster, starting with the November feast and continuing until the champagne salute at the stroke of midnight. There’s a reason so …

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Defined By Diet

By Anna Dantoni – The biggest food trend in America right now is that nearly all of us are defined by what we can’t eat or what we choose not to eat and the name attach to our choice of diet. My sister is a vegetarian while her husband is a pescatarian. My brother is …

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Vegan Food With Flair

By Marsha Fottler – There are approximately 7,500,000 vegans in America and they’re probably the only ones who can pronounce correctly what they are. So, for the rest of us here it is: VEE-gun. A vegan follows a vegetarian diet but also excludes eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans omit foods …

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