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The Gourmet Highway: Those Smiling Irish Eyes

After visits to Ireland, I changed. The daily grind at home was more bearable. Reading became a preferred discipline and the live stage remains far more appealing than a movie. Those great books of literature, plays and poetry took on new prominence. Joyce, Yeats, Shaw, Wilde and Heaney became part of ordinary conversation. And, there […]

The Gourmet Highway – Every Meal a Celebration

Since mid-March of 2020, I have written a weekly piece for this magazine featuring food stories and recipes. Motivated by a suspicion that some sort of isolation was going to be the norm for an uncertain period of time, this task served as an antidote to boredom. Then, I began to realize that this was […]


“I don’t want to live; I want to love first, and live incidentally.” Zelda Fitzgerald ~Doc Lawrence ATLANTA – I just made my purchase. Four bottles of  Saint Amour, the wine that says everything on the day we celebrate romance. No gimmicks here, not another beverage from madman hype . This wine is the real […]

Gourmet Highway: The Divine Wonders of Dining in Different Places

By Doc Lawrence – Charleston, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Montgomery and Atlanta were a few of the large cities we visited along the Gourmet Highway. There were glorious stopovers at wonderful destinations like Highlands and Cashiers in the mountains of Western North Carolina and the grand city of Thomasville deep in south […]

Gourmet Highway: New Tennessee Whiskey, Wine Labels & Food Journeys

By Doc Lawrence – Traveling the greater South leads to discovery of food and good beverages, and where to find the best. This past year included one genuine surprise involving a legendary whiskey, arguably the most recognizable brand on the planet. There’s more: Respected wine experts-Master’s of Wine as they’re officially known-are urging some labeling […]

GOURMET HIGHWAY: An All-Southern Wine Dinner

By Doc Lawrence – “Thomas Jefferson would be very proud,” David Hazelwood declared at the conclusion of a highly successful wine dinner. Southern Thymes Shared, (Pelican Publishing, 2014) the cookbook with wine pairings that follows Jefferson’s dining tradition of serving fresh Southern food with Old and New World wines, inspired the gourmet event. Hazelwood, who […]

St. Supery Top Spring Wines

Now that most of us are enjoying warmer weather and longer days, this is the perfect time to turn to bright, fresh wines for springtime sipping. Here are five Napa Green certified wines you should try this spring. Whether you prefer red or white, there’s something for everyone. 2020 Napa Valley Estate Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Les Fa’Bulleuses de Champagne

By Lucia Albino Gilbert, PhD – Our new book, Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys, reveals the passion, courage and talent of women who are successfully making their way in the male-dominated world of wineries. As professors and lovers of wine, our goal was to make women winemakers and their contributions more visible. We interviewed dozens of trailblazing […]

An Indian Summer Wine You Want

By Robert Paul – With many of the meals of Indian summer you want a wine that’s bright red-fruit forward to hold its own with, say, rabbit, potato-crusted salmon, turkey, chicken stew or the roasted vegetables of an autumn harvest table. A French pinot noir that I find compliments the September foods of Indian Summer […]

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